Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-12-25

  • Drinking Christmas tea. Yes, I drink flavored teas. No purist, I. #
  • New chapter book/middle grade series, with animal transformation, adventure, spies, and magic. 99 cents…for now… #
  • Secret identities, people transforming into animals, and a self-rescuing princess: Daughter of a spy queen, that is. #
  • RT @AceRimmerBot Smoke me a kipper RT @WriterDe: @DavidBrin1 So a red dwarf walks into a Milky Way bar… #
  • I played SW:TOR last night. Yes, we thinks we shall keeps it. #
  • Lee's brother Dale got Ray a copy for Christmas…she's loving it, too. #
  • Problem: I like all the character classes so far. #
  • Me too! @inkyelbows Updated Will Write For Chocolate with a new comic re: Xmas trees & book-shaped packages #
  • Dreamed that everyone had conversation bubbles with "…" underneath them, so you could click for more. An introvert's dream 🙂 #
  • Groaaaan. @DavidBrin1 Brinstorming… if I only had an “A” #
  • RT @stryscribe Robert Spiller's new Bonnie Pinkwater Mystery (4th in the series)! #yay #
  • IF you swear on a stack of chocolate to review, there are some free Exotics books here: Scroll down… #
  • New free ebook up, Smashwords only for the moment: A prequel story for Exotics. Please rate! #
  • Bullies get their just desserts in this free story by @TadWilliams: #

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