• Ugh. Yes, exactly. @EmmaHunneyball spent last night awake worrying that the year is running away and I can't keep up. … #
  • Finished Exotics 4 (Exotics 1 is the next book on the publish list) yesterday, getting ready to finish Guinea Pig Apoc this week. #
  • RT! @AshleyMcCollum Yup! True love. RT @rskovach: Love misuse of commas? You'll like this then! http://t.co/QC98TVOf @AshleyMcCollum #
  • Woot! @inkyelbows
    Launch 2012: Move Books to focus on MG fiction for boys, may expand to pb, chapter bks, nonfic: http://t.co/hYSbhvAP #

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