Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-10

  • Cats wave their tails to show they're angry and likely to attack. Yet another reason our cat hates our dog? #
  • I just made 2 peanut butter cup cheesecakes for Cinco de Mayo. Somebody please confirm that Mexicans like peanut butter, 'kay? #
  • @DaphneUn Do you think Trixie will dance for me the next time I'm up? I am sooo cuted out by little girls in tutus. And hula skirts. in reply to DaphneUn #
  • @ChuckWendig wrestles with himself as a writer. " I burned the pinky with hot coffee as an example to the others." #
  • Chapter 2 (finally) of Ray's story went down very well. I read to the end of the chapter. Then Ox sneezed and scared the crap out of her. #
  • Once again, I didn't get everything done that I wanted to do. Nevertheless, time for a shower. #
  • It looks like someone hacked my gmail. PW changed; sorry folks! #
  • @IanTHealy Reading comments. Your namesake is an ass. Of COURSE you can have his ship. #
  • @ianthealy Inserted blue language: "Ye clatty, spuffing pavees! I'll kick you in the cacks if ye don't turn loose me door!" in reply to ianthealy #
  • @ianthealy You're not being overly picky on comments. Good stuff. in reply to ianthealy #
  • @ianthealy I love Cowboy Beebop. (I still haven't seen all of them yet, though, so don't spoil them for me.) #
  • Hellyeah! RT @ChuckWendig Forget Stephen Baldwin. Let the Glory go to Joss. #
  • @Three_Star_Dave I initially read that as "baby pants." in reply to Three_Star_Dave #
  • @doycet To create a company-oriented voodoo doll, simply make a small pillow decorated with their company logo; stuff with shredded EULAs. in reply to doycet #
  • Watched Sherlock Holmes last night. Loved it. Needs 2 sequels, with a death scene atop Reichenbach falls at the end of the second movie. #
  • Robert Downey Jr does a very good OCD, by the way. #
  • Don't waaaaaannnnnna be good today. #
  • Blog: Recipe: Pork Meatball Banh Mi #
  • @Knippling Congrats to Jasmin! in reply to Knippling #
  • @ChuckWendig And where is the recipe for these sriracha almonds? in reply to ChuckWendig #
  • Blog: Smiley's Bakery: Good food, annoying space #
  • @ChuckWendig Dang, the AB recipe looks good, too. in reply to ChuckWendig #
  • PMS depression successfully defeated by Lee's (bbq) ribs, grilled corn, and Levity beer. Sorry, got nothing done this weekend. #

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