Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-20

  • @ianthealy Of course it's a brilliant idea. in reply to ianthealy #
  • Rejected 4/6 on the novel, Alien Blue. #
  • Ding ding ding! Grats! RT@ChuckWendig Hey! Holy crap, press release. (Big Awesome News over at #terribleminds!) #
  • I'm learning to love my writer's block: #
  • My condolences. RT@elizawhat I just realized […] that I have less and less in common with the people who were once my friends. #
  • Finished the last of Gene Wolfe's Solar Cycle Books. WTF, he pulled it off. #
  • Ray says she's an om-nom-i-vore. #
  • @ianthealy Rejections = form. in reply to ianthealy #
  • @ianthealy Form rejections = frowny face on Query Tracker. Thanks for the advice on using it, BTW. in reply to ianthealy #
  • I am NOT going to the Write Brain tonight: Writer's Block appears to be OVER! #
  • Done: Part 4/8 Choco story. "'Why aren't we running this from the forward cabin where there are seats?' Zady just grinned." #
  • Also: Just pulled two ginger-pecan pies out of the oven. Will the experiment work!?! #
  • The ginger-pecan pie was good, but it never did set in the middle. I wonder why. #
  • @Three_Star_Dave My regular pecan pie with candied 1/2c candied ginger chunks. Not as sharp-tasting as I hoped. Add lemon peel? in reply to Three_Star_Dave #
  • I join the "what is MOOOOOOOD" conversation. What's mood, how to do it, what it's good for: #
  • Unstuck on chocolate story. Time to write! #
  • Blah. Hit by the sick truck. Up from nap. #
  • It must be a cold or sinus infection – I just saw a recipe for steak taquitos and started drooling. #
  • I am the Super Guest Star over at @ianthealy's blog: In which I try to get all Zen about revision. #
  • @amoir Confederacy of Dunces – I know, the ending was painful, knowing what happened to the author. #
  • Dude. I want to write murder mystery games for smartphones. #
  • Halfway through Part 5 of Chocolate Story. Hm…which would be "Seaclaid" in Irish Gaelic. #
  • Ray and I went to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs at the cheap theater. Good farce. I saw a sarlacc 🙂 #
  • @Three_Star_Dave Maybe that's why the ginger pie didn't set – too much extra white sugar vs. egg ratiol in reply to Three_Star_Dave #
  • @Three_Star_Dave I think steeping raw ginger in the honey/corn syrup will be the next step. in reply to Three_Star_Dave #
  • Done: Part 5. Except I forgot to tie the story back to the flavor of chocolate, dammit. #
  • Done: Part 5 Choco Story. "Zady put her hand over Aoife's mouth. 'It's probably going to give me cancer if it doesn't kill us all.'" #
  • Eggnog ice cream: success! Rum raisin eggnog ice cream: super success! #
  • Now drinking a grapefruit-lavender "martini." My mouth says wuahlaa. #
  • Okay, the grapefruit syrup was just too much in that lavender martini. #

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