Twitter Updates for 2009-11-28

  • From the Woot page: "You wanna go to the stores TODAY? Hope you’ve got a decent Armor Class." #
  • @BarelyKnit Why not? That's what all the best books are about. in reply to BarelyKnit #
  • Is this it? Is this it?!? I have to read the last chapter aloud, and then…I'm done? #
  • Hm…the resolution is slightly cheesy due to the last two lines. But I think it can stand. #
  • Done: 32/32. "She was going to find someone to buy her a beer, if nothing else." #DeNoReWriMo is…over! #
  • Except for writing the query. Fun, fun. #
  • Write! Write like you're going to be depressed when it's all over! #
  • Write! Write like people are begging for a sequel! #
  • Write! Write like it doesn't matter how many exclamation points you used, anyway! #
  • Write! Write like a mad scientist, cackling at every lightning strike! #
  • Write! Write like a dog chases balls and sniffs crotches, with no dignity whatsoever! #
  • <—-Eww. #
  • Sorry, that just totally derailed me. #
  • YMMV: Your marbles may vary. #
  • Christmas shopping: Done. Operation Santa Books are ordered. #
  • Welllllll, except for the whole writing-a-brilliant-chocolate-story thing. That may take some extra time. #
  • Help! Please let me know what you think about my query letter at my blog. #

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