• @DaphneUn You're right, you're right. It's "luhvahs." in reply to DaphneUn #
  • Done: Chapter 20/32. "Do you know how hard it is to keep these lines straight, even when they aren't infected?" #DeNoReWriMo #
  • I wish I could give one of my characters a hug: she's carrying a big burden, combined from a lot of people I knew/know. #
  • Done: Chapter 21/32. "Another visitor. Maybe I should put my clothes on." #DeNoReWriMo #
  • Two chapters edited. I think I get a bubble bath for that. #
  • All I've tweeted about this month is writing. I walk away from the computer and think about what I forgot to tweet…nah. #burnout #
  • Frex, speeding ticket. I'm on a new road, in the dark, no idea what the limit is. Suddenly, everyone brakes. Crap. Why am I in front? #
  • Writing advice from Carrie Vaughn: Just so. http://c92no.th8.us #

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