• @doycet I think it's a poem,too. I was cruising through poetry sites, waiting for the hiccups to stop, and there it was. in reply to doycet #
  • Grats! They were great 🙂 RT @cmpriest My first royalty check from Tor arrived today. The Eden series finally earned out! Wooooo! #
  • @doycet Now I want to know whether my alien is believable. in reply to doycet #
  • The girl is off to karate with the spouse. If only the cat hadn't crapped in my office. #NaNoStinkMo #
  • Sounds WONDERFUL. Why do I live in the only place in Colorado that doesn't get slammed? @ianthealy Thunder and lightning and SNOW. *sigh* #
  • After tweeting my love of storms, I realize my favorite chapters are the blizzards (literally speaking?). #
  • Hey, IS it "literally speaking" if you're making a metaphor, but it's about your fiction? #
  • Done: Chapter 14/32. "The aliens come from hell, Bill. No sex, no drinking, no dancing, no airplanes." #DeNoReWriMo #
  • Me, on humor: http://blog.deannaknippling.com/?p=1888 #

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