• @BarelyKnit Why, DeAnna Novel ReWrite Month. Didn't you know? 32 chapters, 30 days. in reply to BarelyKnit #
  • Bra update: The kind with the squishy stuff in the middle is the best. Memory foam….like whipped cream that's seen better days. #
  • @Three_Star_Dave It's supposed to remember where all my squish squashes 🙂 in reply to Three_Star_Dave #
  • @BarelyKnit Hey, the bartender in my novel is called Sam Adams. People say, "I'll have a namesake." in reply to BarelyKnit #
  • It rained 40 days, and it rained 40 nights. & he cried & he cried & he cried. On the 41st day, he passed away, just dehydrated and died! #
  • Done: Chapter 10/32. "But there was probably close to two hundred years of sheer orneriness between them…" #DeNoReWriMo #

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