• New Belgium's "Hoptober" beer is a hoppy beer that I LIKE. Can they do no wrong? #
  • Bought fuyu persimmons. Fuyu=flat on bottom, less tannin. Have not braved the eating of. You can get bezoars from tannic persimmons (!). #
  • Ate at King's Chef Diner, a good place for watching snow. Good music, heavy food, comix. I read 2 ish Greyshirt. Like. #
  • @doycet @ktbuffy Picked up the third Mysterious Benedict Society Book. I don't need more books. Except that one, apparently. in reply to doycet #
  • @Dabeak Apparently the answer is 10 gallons, according to her Grandpa. in reply to Dabeak #
  • Starlings swoop over fields of L. Carroll's Looking Glass chessboard. http://bit.ly/eT3zp #

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