Twelfth Night.

We went over to Dave and Margie’s for Twelfth Night on Saturday – not exactly the twelfth night after Christmas, but not March, either.

Mary, Jackie, Stan, Doyce, Kate, and Randy were all over, too.  Margie did something I’ve never heard of before – as each guest came through the door, they had to take a slip of paper with a number and an appetizer on it, which they then had to prepare.

I think the theory behind this was to make sure Margie stayed off her foot and ankle, which she broke in December.  It helped…some.  But it was interesting.  Why Randy got stuck making the dumplings, I’ll never know.

It was glog night.  I think I’m going to make the tentative observation that warm liquor is my Waterloo, or at least my tequila.  I don’t regret my inappropriate actions, but I won’t chortle over them here.

A foodie note – mixing kona coffee (with its smoky undertaste) and Scotch cancels out the smokiness of both.  Stick with whiskey.

I miss you all  already.


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  1. Was very cool having you guys over.

    Not sure how Randy ended up on dumplings. It was supposed to be semi-random.

  2. BD

    You were inappropriate? When? I miss everything. =P

    The system was set up in a orderly system of what order you showed up and what order things needed to be done in. So, if Randy had shown up before you, he would have got when you made, or me being first, I got to chop the veggies. The best Randy job would have been job #3, taking the olives out of their packing and putting them in bowls.

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