The LOOK Challenge: Guinea Pig Apocalypse

The “look” challenge goes like this: take your current work in progress, find the first instance of the word “look,” and post its paragraph and the surrounding paragraphs as an excerpt. Then, of course, you’re supposed to tag five other authors, but I’ll leave that as optional.  My friend Liz Barone tagged me.  Sooo merciless.

My current WIP is “Guinea Pig Apocalypse,” a story I started at Ray’s request a few months ago, then got derailed on as I got stuck on the plot.  Well, I have a better grasp of plot now, and am fixing…

“Mom?  Pop?” Galileo yelled over the almost electronic noise of hundreds and thousands of guinea pigs squeaking at each other, but nobody answered.

A bunch of the guinea pigs bonked into the table at the same time, shaking the top of it.  Galileo’s stuffed squirrel toy, Taquito, who he had been pretending was helping with his homework, slid toward the edge of the table, and Galileo dropped his sandwich and grabbed Taquito before he landed in the big moving wave of pigs.

The pigs pounced on the sandwich with squeaks of starving delight, and it disappeared in seconds.  He wasn’t sure what would happen if he dropped Taquito (or if he put his foot, which was only protected by a dirty sock) on the floor, but he didn’t plan to find out.

Galileo drank the rest of his milk and climbed onto the table.  The pigs were still pouring out of the basement.  He heard a crashing noise from upstairs:  they had found their way upstairs.  He yelled for his mom and pop again and didn’t hear them.

He took off his socks, stuffed them in his pocket, squished Taquito into his shirt so just his head was sticking out, and jumped from the kitchen table to the counter.  He skidded in a puddle of water and teetered back and forth above the carpet of guinea pig bodies–he was going to fall and crush the little guinea pigs!

He grabbed the cupboard door just as he started to fall backwards, and all the dishes in the cupboard rattled.  He looked around the corner of the door just as a heavy glass started to slide off the shelf…


I should say, if you liked that, check out my kids’ stuff as De Kenyon.


The Idea I Didn’t Want to Know


The story I didn’t want to write hasn’t gone away yet.


  1. Your kids’ stories are always so much fun to read!

  2. De

    Yay! Thank you 🙂

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