The Great Dream Market Submission Project

Okay, I was doing my morning pages this morning and realized that I am a research writer: not a writer that does research or writes up research, but a test-to-fail writer.  A crash-test-dummy writer. I quit writing a short story a week so I could focus on novels, but now I feel deprived.  Wherrrrre are my short stories?  Obviously I need another project for writing short stories, one that isn’t quite as heavy (so I can still focus on novels), but where I can play with new ideas more often. Here’s what I’m noodling around:

  • Pick my top markets that I want to break into (aside from Apex, because I’m still getting a lot from slushing).
  • Make sure I always have a short story in those markets.

However, because Clarkesworld and Lightspeed are on my list (and that would be 2+ stories they could go through each month), I’m going to have to say that if I submit something to each of them per month, I’m good.

Here’s my list (very, very personally chosen; shooting for somewhere between 10 and 15 markets):

  • Asimov’s (sf, 39 day avg. return, up to 25K, but 7500 or less seems preferred)
  • Beneath Ceaseless Skies (fantasy, 31 days avg. return, secondary-world setting, under 10K)
  • Black Static (horror, 50 days avg return, up to 10K)
  • Clarkesworld (fantasy/sf/horror, 4 days avg return plus 1 week waiting before next sub, preferred length 4K)
  • Daily Science Fiction (fantasy/sf, 18 days avg return, up to 10K but 1K or less preferred)
  • Fantasy and Science Fiction (fantasy/sf, 13  day avg. return, up to 25K)
  • Interzone (fantasy/sf, 54 days avg return, up to 10K)
  • Lightspeed (fantasy/sf, 2 day avg return plus 1 week waiting, 5K or less preferred)
  • Nightmare (horror, 1 day avg return plus 1 week waiting, 5K or less preferred)
  • Weird Tales (weird tales, 100 days avg return, up to 5K)

For example, right now I have stories at:

  • Black Static
  • Interzone
  • Lightspeed
  • Clarkesworld

And a lot of the stories that work for one market will work for others.

But now I get to go, “Asimov’s.  I need to write a 3-6K story, SF.”  I like constraints like that.  Not too lose; not too tight.  I’m going to shoot for about a short story every other week, until I get caught up.



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  1. Nice list. I have a spreadsheet with my favourite markets and when I last submitted to them or if I have something out with them at the moment and it’s woefully empty.

  2. De

    I’ve never tried it before…does it work for you, aside from not getting writing done in general?

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