The Category of Alien Blue.

I forgot–I did, eventually, work up the courage to ask where my book fit in.

Me: Beth Anne, I think you’re going to tell me my book is science fiction, but it really doesn’t feel like it.

BA: What’s the story about?

Me: It’s called Alien Blue. It’s about a bar owner who has to try to save everybody he loves after he’s been hiding an alien for the last sixteen years, and other aliens come to kill him. It’s more like Tom Robbins than Arthur C. Clark, though.

BA: That’s paranormal. I don’t have any alien paranormals yet, but you could start something new.

Me: Coooool.

Audience member: It’s not science fiction?

Me: There’s no math. And no science.


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  1. Anonymous

    Leave it to you to start a whole new category!

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