We played Faery’s Tale from Firefly Games tonight with Ray, her first RPG. Lee GM’d.

Game review:

  • Good setting for kids: faeries vs. goblins.
  • The rules were easy enough for Ray to understand (at 7.5 years old).
  • The rules and character creation were not so oversimplified that I was frustrated.
  • There are options for different types of and more complex characters, which we didn’t use.
  • Gorgeous book art.
  • Have to buy book not through Firefly Games but through Green Ronin press. Faery dice did not arrive as ordered; haven’t been able to contact customer support through ordinary channels.

Lee had a lot of fun GMing, I think. (He had a lot of props on hand, too.) And Ray had some fine ideas for getting out of binds, once she calmed down from the thrill of Something Horrible Has Just Happened to Your Character, Now What? Seriously – she was so excited, she spent about a quarter of the game running in circles around the couch.