(Doyce’s Story)

It wasn’t meant to be bad. The kind of people who come up with these kinds of ideas aren’t the kind of people who can mean for them to be used the way they inevitably will be used. Perhaps it’s a kind of protection for the human race: the creators can only be duped for so long before they cut off the source of their creativity. Ideas and ideals go together like…well, if I think of something, I’ll let you know.

But then someone comes along after them and says, “You know, that shiny thing over there? Now, that would make a great weapon.” Or, “a lot of money.”

My brother? He’s the first type.

I’m not.

Greg’s a neuroscientist. A genius. He made this headband that can somehow tell what it is that you most need to do–and then it compels you to do it. Hey, useful stuff, right? Imagine the kind of good you could do if you just put this in the hands of a psychologist. Or a priest. Or a doctor. Anybody, really. Because it doesn’t make you do what I (for instance) think you need to do. Just what you need to do. Greg has the prototype. He wears it all the time. Keeps him focused. He doesn’t have to worry about stopping to eat, because when it’s time, he’ll eat. Simple as that. There’s no pain or anything. It just makes you.

There are a couple of safeguards built in. It cuts out if you try to something majorly illegal (although not necessarily immoral), like killing someone or yourself, and it can’t be preprogrammed or overridden. Failsafe. Foolproof.


I may or may not go on with this…we’ll see.

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