Riddle of the Day

A Greek guy named Gene has a bar. What’s the name of the bar?

Note: hint in comments. Solution tomorrow if nobody guesses.


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  1. DeAnna

    Hint: It doesn’t have anything to do with olive oil or alcohol–but it does have something to do with liquid.

  2. Jackie

    What if we guess wrong? 🙂

  3. Boulder Dude

    I was going to guess (before the hint) Athenol (a play on Ethanol).


    The Aegene?

    Those are all I have after pondering it this morning.

  4. DeAnna

    Hm…if you guess wrong, you forfeit the chocolate.

    But that’s just Jackie 🙂

  5. DeAnna

    Okay, the solution is…

    Diogenes’s Pub.

    (I didn’t say it was a good riddle!)

  6. Boulder Dude

    Booo! ;P

  7. Lee

    I was gonna say “The Grecian Earn”, but didn’t want to look like an idiot. It’s too late, isn’t it. 😛

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