Recipe: Steamed Pork Bun Dim Sum

(a.k.a., Char Siu Bao)

If you want the real recipe for Char Siu Bao (or at least, a “realer” one than the one that follows), click here. But if you want to use up leftovers, and you have no patience with bread dough (or you’re just in a lazy mood), see below.

2 c. cooked pork roast, diced to 1/4″
1/2 c. (or less) char siu sauce (or bbq sauce with a little soy sauce stirred in)
3 pkgs. refrigerated dough for dinner rolls (the little ones, about 30)

Fill a medium-sized sauce pan with 1/4-1/2″ water and insert a vegetable steamer. Spray the steamer with baking/cooking spray, cover, and set to a boil over medium-high heat.

Mix the BBQ sauce into the pork; make sure the pork is relatively dry so the sauce doesn’t explode out of the buns.

Flatten one of the dough rolls in the palm of your hand and put 1T or so of filling in the center. Squish the dough around the ball, leaving a puckering kiss shape behind (I pinched them into half-circles, then squished them into a more rounded shape). Repeat with the rest of the rolls.

Place four of the buns in the steamer insert, leaving lots of space between them. Cover and steam until the dough is cooked, about 3-4 minutes. Spray the steamer with more baking spray and refill water as necessary.

Ray says, “These are the best ever!”

I say, “Death to leftovers. AAAUUUUGGGHHH!”


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  1. beak

    I might have to try some of that, as it sounds delicious.

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