I took a floating holiday on Wednesday. That morning, I tried to do edits, but realized I still didn’t have a plan on how exactly to fix something, so I used the morning working that out. I hate rebuilding plans during editing time – it works much better to brainstorm during meetings. But I couldn’t move ahead without it, so there you go.

Ray and I left for Nosh about eleven.

On the one hand, eating at restaurants really isn’t important. It’s all calories. On the other hand, it’s vital – humans aren’t built to eat the same thing, day after day. And we are what we eat, both in our choices of what to eat and how our choices affect us, physically and otherwise.

Nosh is a good place. High-quality ingredients prepared simply but well, in reasonable portions and proportions. Good ambiance, with the far side of the main dining room lit by skylight, the walls covered with giant koi, and the floors made of bamboo.

Friendly, foodie staff. Reasonable prices. An eye for world cuisine and twists on familiar flavors. Not the best food I’ve ever had – but that was a conjunction of excellent good, ambiance, and company not to be often recreated or surpassed.

We arrived early, so we got a little carton of sweet potato fries, dressed with salt and pepper and served with a sweet sauce with red peppers, maybe.

The waitress asked how the fries were and got a thumb’s up.

Ray scanned the menu. I said, “You should have the calamari.”

“What’s that?”


“That’s what I’m having.”

And she did. She wandered the restaurant and decided the giant goldfish wallpaper was a good thing. She chatted up the waitresses and figured out our table number.

I ordered the tomato bisque and crabcakes with mango-cilantro salsa.

It all arrived quickly, perfectly prepared.

I don’t like going to restaurants that serve food that I can cook better than they can. I’m pretty sure I can make everything on the Nosh menu without too much hassle. I just can’t pull it off as well.

So we sat, and talked, and ate, and laughed, and it was good. And that’s something I would like to have be a part of my daughter’s life.

Then we went to Fernando Botero at the Fine Arts Center. And after that, the park: everybody looked weird: too thin