Quote of the Day.

“We’re hourly until we reach eight hours. After that, we’re salaried.”

–At work.


Government hallway.


The weather we didn’t have today.

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  1. Dave

    As a professional engineering firm which makes money by selling proservice hours to clients, *everyone* in our org is an hourly employee, all the way up to the CEO. After all, there might be an opportunity to sell some of those hours to a client. So, in theory, everyone fills out a timesheet each week, even the CEO (though it is more likely, albeit against policy, the CEO’s secretary).

    That said, the whole FLSA Exempt/Non-Exempt thing applies, so Yours Truly only records 40 hours per week, no matter how many hours it turns out to be. Unless, of course, I were to actually be able to bill a client …

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