Ian Healy, a writer buddy I met at PPWC, opens the floor for questions. I started to type out a lame question, then suddenly realized the best favor you can do for a writer is ask a question that requires a creative answer. Here’s what I asked:

  • In case of zombie attack, and barring “the home of a loved one,” where’s the first place you would go and why?
  • What the weirdest job you’ve ever had?
  • What’s your Tarot signifier, and what superhero do you associate with that (picked up that GN by Louise Simonson from the book store).
  • Why did Wash have to die?
  • What is your muse’s weapon of choice? What DND class is (s)he? If that’s too limiting, describe what RPG your muse would belong to, and character type.

So — pick one of the above and start typing. If we’ve already had the Why Did Wash Have To Die (WDWHTD — I so want a plastic bracelet with those letters now) talk, pick something else, okay?


Zelazny Novel Found!


Indiana Jones and the FIVE MILLION LEGOS

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  1. mattanderica

    I’m sure that they must have a WDWHTD bracelet out there somewhere, maybe its so universally thought of, that everyone just carries it with them in their heart…

    as for the zombies, do you really have to have A zombie plan-how about 30 zombie plans and all of them involve dragging a corps as bait?

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