Most of the half-way decent pictures from last week were from Physics day.  Here are the rest:

La Lune, through the playhouse window.

14 Feb 10 004

Glasses at the Warehouse.

14 Feb 10 023

Mural at the Warehouse.

14 Feb 10 026

Lee, somewhat amused at my taking his picture, at the Warehouse.

14 Feb 10 031

The wine altar at the Warehouse?

14 Feb 10 036

Ray’s picture selected for Black History Month at the Sand Creek Library.  It’s a lion.  I think it’s based on a traditional African art style they were studying.  I had fun talking to Ray’s art teacher, who has a toddler with destructive tendencies.  “Don’t worry,” I said.  “That means you have a creative kid.  Especially if they’re sneaky about getting in trouble.”  “Oh, yes.”  “Well, look at Ray.  She turned out okay.”  “Good.  I was worried.”

14 Feb 10 085


14 Feb 10 087

Some fantastic masks, from the same exhibit.

14 Feb 10 090

Ray’s friend Xavier’s picture. X-man moved to a different school, which was too bad, because we both liked him.  But In Different Ways.

14 Feb 10 092