Picture catch-up.

I have one more set of pictures on the camera.  These are two-week-old pictures.

Lee’s shop, embarrassingly (to him) messy and full of fascinating (to me) contrasts.
24 Jan 10 006

Ray in the liberry.
24 Jan 10 008

KK at 12th night. I did something screwy to the settings and ruined most of the pictures. I liked the way the dots on Kaylee’s dress seem to spiral inward.
24 Jan 10 013

24 Jan 10 048

The birthday princess, our beautiful neighbor Sole.
24 Jan 10 051

The exercise: Take a “minimalist” picture.
24 Jan 10 055

The Bug wants to go driving in the trees. See?
24 Jan 10 061

The gorgeous door behind Blue Star.
24 Jan 10 074


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  1. Ann

    Oh! I’m so glad someone else has paid attention to that door.

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