I started drafting a new project today, a novellette in eight parts that I’m calling “The Chocolate Story” as a working title. I’m making it so each part can be folded around a chocolate bar and wrapped, and I’m going to send them out for Christmas presents.

The chocolate is from Dagoba Chocolate,who make some of my favorite chocolate bars.

Here’s the lineup:

1.  Lavender Blueberry – The Ghost

2.  Chai – Traveling the Stars

3.  Conacado – On the Good Ship Conacado Revolucion

4.  Eclipse – Complications Ensue

5.  Prima Materia – The Primal Material

6. Roseberry – Falling in Love

7. Xocolatl – Sacrifice

8.  Hazelnut – That’s It, in a Nutshell

So far, it’s the story of Aoife (EE-fa), who has to choose between avenging the death of her cousin and pissing off her cousin’s scumbag widower, an interstellar chocolate smuggler.  Hanging in the balance is the chance to capture the Prima Materia, original building blocks of the universe, for her own research.

So far, so good.