New Kids’ Novella: Guinea Pig Apocalypse

You can get Guinea Pig Apocalypse at these online retailers, with more to come: AmazonKoboSmashwords.  B&N had issues when I went to post the story so it’s running late, should be up tomorrow.  Amazon’s alllllmost there.  I can feel it.

Update: Now with B&N availability!

Pleeeeaase keep in mind that this is middle-grade fiction, ages 9-13 or so, and read this before giving to kids younger than that.  Some Guinea pigs die, and the word “poop” is used a goodly amount.

Guinea Pig Apocalypse, by De Kenyon

Guinea Pig Apocalypse

by De Kenyon

Galileo’s mad-scientist parents have done it again: invented something that got completely out of control.  This time, it’s a matter replicator in their basement.  And a squirrel army out to get rid of the humans.  And lots…and LOTS of Guinea pigs out of sewage.  Yuck!

Now it’s up to Galileo and his friend, the giant Guinea pig Max, to stop the pigs from being mind-controlled by the squirrels and taking over the world!


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