New cover: Exotics Book 1: The Floating Menagerie.

Here it is, the new cover by Martha Lancaster!  So sweet.

As soon as the POD goes live (I’m waiting to check the proof), I’ll set up a contest on Goodreads.  Right now, I’m finishing up the last book in the series…I’m waiting to see if I need to make any changes to fit the whole series together before I publish The Exotics Book 3: The Subterranean Sanctuary.  I think my daughter’s about ready to kill me…

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New cover: Exotics Book 1: The Floating Menagerie.


New cover: Exotics Book 1: The Floating Menagerie.


  1. The more I look at this cover, the more I love it. Like I said on G+, I’ll always have a place in my heart for the original cover, but this reminds me of something I would’ve had on my shelf as a child.

    I’m super excited that it’s going to be POD. I can’t wait to buy a copy for my goddaughter!

  2. De

    I got the POD version back; I think I’m going to up the size on the yellow font.

    I do have a fondness for the original cover, too – but to me, the original cover is the hopelessly awful one that I did for Ray’s gift book. I should dig it up and show the evolution of the cover!

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