Mystery Project! And Choco Story update.

I’m working on a Mystery Project.

I’m not one of the kinds of writers that doesn’t talk about her works in progress; you may assume there’s a reason.

[Insert smug here.]

I’m not done with the Chocolate Story yet – I keep having to back up and say, “Does this really do what I want it to do?”  I think the answer is that I just have to finish the polish and give the story to people to read and give feedback.  Honestly, I think the answer is “No, it doesn’t,” but maybe it does and I’m just thinking too hard.

So what, really, do I want it to do?

I started out wanting it to be a fun entertainment for my family, a gift. But that’s so wide a purpose as to be almost useless.  Also, my siblings (and significant others) are a somewhat non-normal group, so someone reading the story outside my family group would likely be confounded that I had had an even reasonable expectation of satisfying that purpose with the story in question.

So, to attempt a more succinct purpose – I want to write an interstellar  espionage romantic comedy in which the main character does not fall in love with the guy who seems to be perfectly wrong for her at the beginning of the story, because he’s an ass, thank you very much.


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  1. Ian

    Sort of like a Nick and Nora Charles in space? That would be awesome.

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