Phantom Limb.

This is one of those songs you listen to and go, “I should find out who sings that.” Sometimes this feeling comes about when the song is really good or you can’t get it out of your head. Sometimes it’s because it has interesting lyrics but you can’t really catch all of them. Aha! This song is both together, sweet-tuned pop with this fascinating melody you can barely keep up with. And then the lyrics

So I looked them up:

So, when they tap our mundane heads,
To zombie-walk in our stead,
This town seems hardly worth our time,
And we’ll no longer memorize or rhyme,
Too far along in our climb,
Stepping over what now towers to the sky,
With no connection.

After reading them three or four times through and watching the video (a school play? three school plays? If so, what do Joan of Arc, the Donner Party, and Cortez have to do with each other?) I can say with confidence the song might be about the tingling feeling you get from living in a stifling place (small town? suburb?), as if your whole life were a phantom limb that had been removed. Maybe. Probably the most poetic song lyrics I’ve seen in a long time. I say seen–I have a hard time doing anything but wiggling and humming when I hear the song.

And, because I can’t find my Imogen Head CD and will take whatever comes up next on YouTube: Let go.

Ooh, and here’s a chick that sounds like a cross between Enya and Imogen Heap: Emmy Rossum. A duet with Dolly Parton, “When Love is New.” She can keep up, which is saying something. Apparently, she’s done a lot of acting. I’ve never heard of her before…