Musical Interlude: Cat Soup AMV

A Cure (“If Only Tonight We Could Sleep”)/Cat Soup AMV.

I have GOT to see the original anime!


Bumper Sticker!


Off to the Weird West.


  1. Unhinged

    Um, D?

    Goodreads asked me if I wanted to be your friend (or something). I’m like, all furrowed-brow at this kind of stuff.

    Anyway, I didn’t remember who you were. And now I can’t find you again. To like, add you as a friend.

    Even tho I won’t look at the Cat Soup thing (because I love kitties and I’m, er, afraid…).

    Ian better shut up.

  2. DeAnna

    Er, I think “friending” is for myspace or something? I don’t know that you can do it in blogger.

    Here’s us, two furrow-brows.

    Oh, the kitties escape at the end, anyway.

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