More Music

More songs that have been stuck in my head the last few days. Again, keep in mind that I really don’t figure out what the lyrics are until I look them up. Aren’t the internets wonderful?

Wailin’ Jennys “Devil’s Paintbrush Road” and “Beautiful Dawn

Live and die and gone
Live and die and gone
The devil paints a double life
Live and die and gone

Which has a nice harmonicai.

Teach me how to see when I close my eyes
Teach me to forgive and to apologize
Show me how to love in the darkest dark
There’s only one way to mend a broken heart

Foo Fighters “Skin and Bones.” Dave Grohl headbangs, acoustic-style.

All worn out and nothing fits
Brennivin and cigarettes
The more I give the less I get
But I’m all set
I’m all set

Skin and bones
Skin and bones
Skin and bones don’t you know?

I’m just skin and bones

And Portishead.

After time the bitter taste,
Of innocence decent or race,
Scattered seed, buried lives,
Mysteries of our disguise revolve,
Circumstance will decide.

‘Cause nobody loves me,
It’s true,
Not like you do

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