You can hate me if you like.

Ever since I started freelancing, Sunday nights have not gotten any better; I still dislike them.  They’re all about not doing something, and instead getting ready for Monday.

But I like Mondays now.  It’s this chance to reassess where I am, freelancing, and kind of start all over again.

–The sad part about this comes from how I feel about weekends now.  I have trouble balancing the need to get work done and the need to spend time with my family or just plain screw around.  I always set too many goals for my week, and when I hit the weekend, I spend days going, “Should I spend more time with Lee and Ray, or should I work my ass off to try to get this all done?”

But Monday?  Monday’s the day when I get to make those goals.  “Wouldn’t it be nice if I finished editing my novel this week?  And write 40K on the work-for-hire project?  And write a short story?  And work on the murder mystery game idea that’s been giving me fits for months?”

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