Another post for kids who write…

Anything you write is a victory.

Almost every writer (no matter what age, no matter how famous they are, no matter how well you think they write) has moments or even whole years where they go, “THIS IS AWFUL.”

Sometimes that feeling hangs around, even after the story is published and other people are telling the writer that no, really, it was a good story.

Writers are terrible judges of what’s good and what’s bad.  (That’s not to say that most people are any better.)


If you can’t trust your opinion about your story as you’re writing it, how do you know if it’s a good story or not?


It doesn’t matter if the story’s “good.”  If someone (anyone!) enjoys reading the story, then it’s good.  If you finish the story, then it’s good.  And when you finish the story after that, it’s even better.