Just Plain Weird.

Note to self: Check this out sometime; it looks like pure MADNESS.

Repo! The Genetic Opera stars Anthony Steward Head, Paris Hilton, Terrance Zdunich:

The premise: in the not-too-distant future, an epidemic of organ failure prompts the rise of GeneCo, which both provides replacement organs and finances the loans to pay for them. Miss a payment, and a Repo Man comes to collect GeneCo’s property. (Exhibit A at right.)

The plot: By day, the Repo Man (played by Head) is well-meaning but controlling single dad Nathan Wallace. His daughter Shilo has a Victorian-sounding “blood condition” and is supposed to stay inside, but she’s a teenager, so that lasts for about five minutes. On one of her excursions to her mother’s tomb, she meets the Graverobber, who mines the bodies of the dead for an addictive painkiller he sells on the black market.*

The daughter’s played by the girl from Spykids, who sings really, really well.

*Via Tor.com, which is turning into my favorite “updates on all things sciffy” blog.

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