Jen Hunter: Size 12 “Overweight” Model

The winner of a popular British TV modeling contest signs up as a plus-size model after getting burned by the fashion industry. She’s 5’11” and weighs “eleven stone,” or 154 pounds.

Here’s a picture of one of the other competitors on the show, Marianne Berglund, who had no problems getting a contract.

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6 thoughts on “Jen Hunter: Size 12 “Overweight” Model”

  1. Dear god. That other woman is scary. And, of course, this situation is even more obnoxious when you consider that a UK size 12 is closer to a US size 8. And I’m sorry, but size 8 is NOT plus-sized. Hells no.

  2. GRRRR ARRRGH! I would like to put something coherent and witty but, WTF?! The winner looks like death, Jen looks *pause* well, pretty darn yummy. Would somebody Puh-leeze get a straight male into the fashion industry so boobies make a comeback?

  3. It’s no wonder we have beautiful children weight conscientious because of “our” morbid views of what true beauty really is–we can have big lips and boobs as long as there is not an ounce of fat anywhere else. This is not the value system that we should give to our young. Healthy and happy is much more attractive.

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