I’m at the point where I have to say, “What was I thinking? THIS IS NEVER GOING TO WORK!”

I took most of today off to do Christmas shopping and mess around with plot: one subplot removed, another added, two chapters changed to one, figured out why the main character wasn’t ringing true in the current chapter–she didn’t just get dumped, she just realized she’d been dumped a long time ago, without her knowing about it, but it’s supposed to be okay, because it was for her sake. She isn’t the kind of person who could take this well and needs to fall apart, but slowly, because she doesn’t want to know these things.

Soon enough, it was dark and cold. She pulled a K-ration off the shelf and went back to her cabin to wrap herself in blankets and sleep, which came like a low, gray cloudbank that smothered the tops of buildings and made it known it planned to hang around for days. She woke up hungry but went back to sleep until it passed.