Time to start working on how indy writers get into markets.

Overdrive: This is the system that my library district (Pikes Peak Library District) uses to get books. They also feed into Ebook.com.

It looks like Overdrive has two options: Content Reserve (which goes to libraries and other markets) and MIDAS, which allows you to sell books directly to consumers.

It looks like MIDAS is an ebookstore platform; you could sign up for the program and sell your own books (or someone else’s) at your website. I’m not sure whether I will ever sell books directly from my website or what software I will use to do so, but that’s later on down the road, both for thinking and blogging about.

Content Reserve is their distribution system for publishers. So: OverDrive is an aggregator (distributor) for publishers.

Supported formats:

  • eBook with and without Adobe DRM (PDF and EPUB)
  • Mobipocket (PRC)
  • Microsoft Reader (LIT) for retail channels only
  • Windows Media Video (WMV)
  • Windows Media Audio (WMA)
  • Audiobooks and music without DRM (MP3)

As a publisher, I can apply for an account, which I did.  We shall see…they were really reticent about telling me what this was going to cost me.