“If I had a brain…I wouldn’t be stupid!”

We’re watching The Muppets’ Wizard of Oz. It’s great. All three of us are giggling in a most undignified way.

“Hi! My name is DOROTHY.”

“Trust no one. It could be a sign.”
“Yeah, there’s another sign. Danger, high voltage.”

“…So I could marry the love of my life. Camilla.”
“A chicken. Wierdo.”

Gonzo (Tin Man) attaches a cell phone (his nose.)
Prawn (Toto) says, “Is that a cell phone? What are these?”
[Honk, honk!]
“Those are my nipples.”

Kermit: “I’m not so smart.”
Gonzo: “I’m so empty inside I hurt inside.”
Prawn: “And I’m so gosh-darn sexy I could cry.”

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