House Update

Hey, we have just discovered issues which will cause us to need a new phone number. I’m sending an e-mail with phone and address info; if for some reason I missed anyone who needs it, please drop me an e-mail or comment.

Ahhh…the joys of Qwest.


They won’t even hook up the phone until the 5th.

Lee called to have the phone number switched over to the new house and to switch from Adelphia cable to Qwest DSL (looked like a good deal). Turns out they didn’t switch over the phone number, and hooked up DSL to our old address. DSL service is not available at the new place.

Adelphia will hook up the Cable Internet on the 1st. VOIP may be considered at our house soon…

More Update:

Back online! We made it into the house on Thursday. Lee took Friday off (his birthday) to unpack and bask in CLB-ness. Today we went table shopping and picked up a used Southwestern-style table with six chairs…I gloated after I woke up from a two-hour nap. Pictures soon!

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