Hooray! It is raining and too wet to do anything with the front yard!
Hooray! I’m eating the last of the cereal!
Hooray! I’m going to Pueblo today with Lee and Ray and there will be pretty food and tasty pictures!
Hooray! Yoga will be over soon!
Hooray! I have an extra day to get caught up on edits this weekend, especially if it keeps raining!
Hooray! No rejections in my inbox this morning!
Hooray! I put down a book yesterday that I don’t want to finish, because life is too short to read books that are no fun! Even when I paid for them!
Hooray! I didn’t pick up Ray’s clothes and stuff all over the house! So she’s going to have to!
Hooray! I have an artichoke in the fridge the size of my daughter’s head! It’s going down, baby!
Hooray! I’m almost done with my book! In the larger scope of things anyway!
Hooray! What a good song!
Hooray! I had a great time with my family back in South Dakota! Thank you for letting me screw up on Rock Band! I sing in the car more now!
Hooray! Doyce told me I had to watch My First Mister, and it was good! The girl reminds me of me (chewing the fingernails) and my sister Betsy (who is even more sarcastic than I). Hey stupid girl! Carol Kane is your mother! Get over it!
Hooray! I’m going to stop avoiding my edits now! Later!

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