Gifts from the Natives.

Aside from a small, immobile golem, the front of my monitor contains the following items:

  • Busted lei with shells
  • Artificial daisy, yellow
  • Seven apple seeds
  • Eight purple plastic gems
  • One turquoise plastic gem
  • One polished piece of quartz
  • One small clear plastic gem
  • Artificial rose, purple

All in all, it looks like an altar to some strange god.


Dog in Space!


Book Review: Ratking

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  1. beak

    Mine has grown an animtronic dancing xmas tree, and a set of old action figures with some smaller plastic zombies from a board game, so it kinda looks like a version of Godzilla where the lizard is an Ninja , and there are a bunch of zombie fleeing slowly for thier lives.

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