Food blog: Need name.

I’m planning to separate out my food posts into their own blog.  Turns out, the names I want are either taken or lame.  Kitchen Alchemist – gone.  Likewise Kitchen Alchemy.  Crazy Noodle and Crazy Noodles have been nommed.   Foodienomicon?  Too geeky.  Odd Cuisine?  Doesn’t sound tasty.  Should I avoid bad puns and cliches in the title? It’s not about recipes so much as it is going from an idea to a dish, for which a recipe is a snapshot of how it was done.

Coming up with a name is going to be harder than doing the actual blogging.  I do have one name that I like, but I’m going to ruminate on it for a day or two, and I’m not going to jinx myself by saying it here.

I’ve been brainstorming chili recipes for the cookoff at work in mid-November.  Fish-taco chili with cilantro pesto?  Chocolate chili?  Cherry-pork chili?  Raspberry-chipotle chili?  Szechuan-orange beer chili?  Redeye chili?

I think I’m automatically in the “other” category in the cookoff.

I need a cheese-ball recipe for the zombie brain mold I borrowed.  And NO, I’m not going to name a blog “Zombie Brain Mold.”  I’d get the wrong class of hits all the time, and lots of pissed off Romero fans.

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  1. I actually kinda like Foodienomicon. It gets your Lovecraft reference, your Food reference, and even a gratuitous “nom: in the middle.

    But, then, Geek R Us.

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