February Stats

Poem: No new poems.  1 rejection, 2 rejections total.

Short Stories:


Open All the Doors (F)
The Person who Put Down the Keys (SF)
Inappropriate Gifts (F/H)
Treif (F/H) (just finished.  Haven’t sent out yet)


No new stories published.  One story, “Miracle, Texas,” accepted by Nil Desperandum.


7 for February
21 for the year

Out on submission:

29 stories.

(Total submissions in the last 12 months – 132, acceptances – 4, published – 2.  Acceptance rate 3.85%.)


Wrote:  No new novels written.  Alien Blue edited.  Editing Death Watch.


7 for February
21 for the year

Novels out on subs:  3

Total number of days in year so far: 59. Total rejections: 43.

I’m not sure why I’m not getting as many rejections this month. It’s not like I’m hanging back and not resending them when I do get rejected!

2 thoughts on “February Stats”

  1. I suspect there were more rejections in January because a lot of markets reopened after the Christmas period and they were all gung-ho about the slushpile, plus they had less in the sub pile whereas it’s built back up now.

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