C11.  Laris owns the flats where the riots occurred.  Vlad hires Sticks, who has connections with local musicians.  Flats previously owned by Baritt.  Baritt had been assassinated.

C12.  Cawti reacts to the riot:  “He’s using our people.  That’s us, Easterners, being set up to be beaten and killed…”  Vlad:  “I hate them…I started ‘working’ so I could get paid for killing them.”  Sethra the Younger described as a tall, dark-haired Dragaeran woman.

C14.  Vlad figures out that Cawti and Norathar were set up to be killed.

C15.  Adron, Sethra, Barrit, and the Sorceress in Green all knew each other in the days before the Interregnum and got along.  Vlad unravels the plot.

C16.  Another desc of a meal at Dzur Mountain skipped.  Oh, well.  “You wouldn’t want her to turn you into a newt.”  “I’ll get better.”

C17.  Mentions that the Empress is a friend of the Sorceress in Green.  Crap.  I can’t remember any of that crowd who was a Dragon.  Cawti mentions that she no longer has a patronymic.


Brust has been laying down the setup for the third book, Teckla, since book one. (Aiyy, I dread rereading that.  It’s good, though.)  I suspect that Teckla wasn’t written in response to his divorce.    Wow.  I’m really having a hard time finding info on that, as probably I should.  Nevermind; I’ll let it go.

I still haven’t seen any sign of the Duke of Galstan, who is one of my favorite Brust characters.  Oh, well.

Next month:  Teckla.