De Kenyon Books: 2011

The year in review for my De Kenyon pen name…

The Exotics Book 1: The Floating Menagerie

Nobody knows what happened when Rachael’s mom disappeared a week ago–except Rachael’s classmate Raul. So when giant talking dogs attack him, Rachael follows and gets kidnapped, too. Now she’s on a mysterious ship full of kids who can change into animals–the Exotics. Are their capturers selling Exotics into slavery? Or are they trying to rescue them from something worse?

I also have a short story in the series up…I haven’t announced it here yet, because I’m trying to get it to go free on Amazon first.  But it’s free on Smashwords…

The Exotics:  Tigerlilly (A Short Story)

After Rachael’s friend doesn’t return on the first day of second grade, she asks her mother to find her new address so they can be pen pals. But Rachael’s mother can’t find Brenna’s family anywhere: it’s like they were erased.

Tales Told Under the Covers: Zombie Girl Invasion & Other Stories

Ten tales of death, invasions from other realms, bullies, babysitters, liars, and the brave kids who fight back. Zombie girls who have to hide, lest they get eaten by bigger zombies. Food that bites back. Wizards who are scared of their own power. Murdered (and murderous) pets. Secret superpowers. And that last, great voyage into the unknown.

And I have all the individual Tales listed separately under De Kenyon:

  • Bunny Attack!
  • Zombie Girl Invasion
  • Attack of the 50-Foot Sushi Monster
  • A Picture is Worth 1000 Chomps
  • Class Pet from Beyond the Grave
  • The Society of Secret Cats
  • Which is Bigger, the Moon or an Elephant? And Other Stupid Questions
  • The Scaredy Wizard of Theornin
  • Factory Above, Factory Below
  • The Last Voyage of the Mermaid

All books are listed on AmazonSmashwords, and B&N online, as well as a ton of other online stores too numerous to mention.


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