Chocolate Review.

Cote d’Or Lait Intense, nuance de noir, Belgian Milk Chocolate Confection with a Dark Chocolate Filling

Note: This is milk chocolate, which I usually don’t go for.

Yummy. I really didn’t notice the dark chocolate, though. Very creamy, smooth, soothing…very much a comfort food. Nothing grainy or oversweet about it. However…not dark chocolate. To me, this straddled the line between chocolate and candy, trying to partake of both but not committing to either. Maybe I’m just never going to be a milk chocolate fan…say four out of five stars, with a confusion detractor.

Green & Black’s Organic Espresso

Being on the decaf side of the cup, I couldn’t eat more than a few bites of this. It’s like eating chocolate-covered espresso beans without the unappealing aspect of actually eating a coffee bean covered in waxy, low-quality chocolate. Waaaaaaah! Two bites of the perfect chocolate-espresso mix, and I was up two hours past my bedtime. Five stars out of five, with a tiny tear to the side.

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