I got The Cake Book, by Tish Boyle, in the mail today. Now, I am not big on actually decorating cakes, but I like to make them. I mean, come on. “Cake” includes “cheesecake,” and there’s a whole chapter on cheesecakes.

“[Cheesecakes] first became popular in America in the late nineteenth century, after a couple of dairy farmers from upstate New York developed a rich, cream-based cheese inspired by French Neufchatel.”

There’s even “Creamy Pumpkin Cheesecake with Ginger-Pecan Crust.” “White Chocolate Peach Cheesecake.” Oooh, and “Chocolate Guiness Cake,” which appears to be fudge with pretensions toward cakedom.

“Lemon Lust Cake:

“Lemon lovers are a special breed. They are shamelessly devoted to their favorite flavor, and they like it to be assertive and bold…”

Hm…bet I could turn that into Lime Lust Cake without too much difficulty. My passion for lemons, eh, well.

I wonder if there’s a personality test for your favorite kind of dessert. Cake vs. Pie. On the one hand, we have cheesecake. On the other, pecan pie. Considering that I make at least five cheesecakes a year (and an uncounted number of cakes, both from scratch and from a mix), I’ll have to go with cake.


Merry Christmas in July!


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  1. ***Dave Hill

    I love cheesecake. Though, despite the fact that I love various flavors and varieties, there is, to my mind, no cheesecake better than simple, plain, thick, rich, CHEESECAKE. No chocolate chips. No strawberry drizzle. No pop-rocks. Just … cheesecake.

    Especially if it’s baked in the One True Cheesecake Pan of Which All Other Cheesecake Pans Are But Shadow.

    On the other hand … pecan pie. Mmmmmmmm. Pecan pie. I *make* pecan pie. And eat it. A good pecan pie …

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