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Behind again. Here are more book reviews:

Magic or Madness, by Julie Larbalestier. If you use magic, you use up life. If you don’t use magic, you go crazy. First part of a trilogy — I plan to read the rest of it. The writing is straightforward and good. YA.

Outlander, by Diana Gabaldon. What a sexy romance should be — an escape from everyday living (but not too far). A former WWII nurse is transported through time to 1743 in Scotland, where she’s harassed by her husband’s ancestor and falls in love with someone else entirely. Well, but not exceptionally written. Goes on as a series. May or may not continue with it.

The Club Dumas, by Arturo Perez-Reverte. Great book, deserves a page or two instead of a few sentences. Beware: if you hate post-modernism, several elements will piss you off. Remember the movie The Ninth Gate? Well, there you go. But the book makes more sense, even if Johnny Depp is so nice to look at. Definitely will read more of this guy’s stuff; like Umberto Ego with a normal-sized ego.

Otherland, by Tad Williams. Verbose, and, in the end, doesn’t pay off. A dissatisfying end to a series that wasn’t all that and a bag of chips in the first place. Why do I do this to myself? Because he writes interesting characters that I care about. Damn me! Damn me!


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  1. Boulder Dude

    *nods in complete agreement on the Tad Williams review*

    Interesting and well done characters (which, yeah you really do care about), unique and interesting concepts, piss poor endings that always seem to be after thoughts, or “hey-I-am-at-99,000-of-a-100,000-word-contract-I-need-to-end-iot-now” problem.

    And yet I am reading the new series. *shrugs*

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