Book Review: The Nymphos of Rocky Flats

by Mario Acevedo.

Yes, there are nymphos in this book.  No, this is not a porn book.  It’s a book about a…wait.  Let me just quote the first paragraph for you:  “I don’t like what Operation Iraqi Freedom has done to me.  I went to the war a soldier.  I came back a vampire.”

If I could write first paragraphs like that, I would be making the big money.  Okay, not the big money; Stephen King makes the big money.  I’d be making the “doing this for a living” money.

Think think think…

Anyway, what this book is, is perfect.  For what it’s trying to pull off, it pulls it off perfectly.  Whether a light comedy about a vampire detective in Colorado floats your boat is a question for you to answer in your own heart.  If the answer is yes, then you may read this book.  If the answer is no, then you may not read this book, because you’ll say asinine things about how shallow this book is, and I’ll have to say something like, “Farce rhymes with arse and your brains are sure sparse.”



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  1. I remember being less than as entertained as I wanted to be by it. Stan thought it was freaking-hysterical — largely because he used to work at the Flats.

    There are two sequels (of course).

  2. De

    Well, I never worked at the flats, and I liked it.

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