Book Review: Curses! A F***ed-Up Fairy Tale

Note: Preorder at Amazon, B&N, or most bookstores.  Available February 28, 2012.

Disclaimer:  I begged Julie for an advance copy, which she sent to me.  It’s pumpkin orange.

Okay, think of the books that you quote.  Not books of literature, but the ones where you grab nearby passers-by and say, “Wait, wait, listen to this!” and then read something sly and witty and look at them expectantly.  Now, because these people are most likely thinking about a) getting away from you or b) sex, they’re usually not impressed.  However, once in a rare while, you run into someone who CAN QUOTE THE NEXT LINE.  It’s like heaven.

This is that kind of book.

“Peeling the cookie open, I licked my lips in anticipation of its sugary goodness and informative, if not valuable summation of my future.  The cookie read:



Damn! Foiled again by a teen with more metal in his head than Snow White had sugar midgets.

Hi Ho, Hi Ho…

Off to scrub delivery kid spit out of my mouth I go.”

I’ll do up to “Have a Nice Day,” and you’ll do the rest.  Heaven.

Urban fantasy murder mystery written by a chick with a degree in forensic psychology and who has worked as a private investigator, and who possesses a wicked eye that tends to favor a bit of villainy now and then.  How could you go wrong?


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  1. Sounds great … um … since it’s an advance copy, does that mean there’s no link yet?

  2. Or I could, y’know, look at one of the other posts you just did about it (d’oh)

  3. De

    CRIPES. Fixing…

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