by Eoin Colfer.

You know how I said, for the previous Artemis Fowl book, that the moral of the story wasn’t hitting you over the head or anything?

Yeah.  Not the case here.

Artemis’s first real caper (before the events in book 1) was to kill the last of a species of lemur, selling it to a group of people who condemned animal species to die for being expensive to preserve and useless to humanity in general.  However, it’s the brain fluid of this very monkey that will save Arty’s mother from a terrible fairy plague that he accidentally gave his mother.  She’s doomed to die unless they use the powers of the demon Number One to send Arty and fairy Holly Short into the past to rescue the lemur.

The book would have been unbearably preachy if it were anyone else writing it, and I even agree with the guy.  However, with the action and (spoiler!) romantic plot elements, it was a run read.

I listened to it over audiobook.  There’s a different reader, Enn Reitel, than the previous books in the series.  He doesn’t do Irish as well, but does Cockney better.  Very fun.