by Kou Fumizuki.

Wow.  I started reading these books expecting to just love this series.

Ugh.  No like.

Imagine Ah! My Goddess or Fruits Basket with bland, flat, stock characters who act in bland, flat, stock-character ways, and you’ve got this series in a nutshell.

The “perfect woman” (that is, 100% docile and 100% loyal) tracks down this guy to whom she was pledged to be married when she was a child.  The guy has abandoned his family, however, and is no longer worthy for this upper-class woman.  He’s nice to her without either one of them recognizing each other, then they recognize each other.  Hijinks ensue!  With lots of boobs!

Am I the only person who can see the main characters are going to make each other miserable for the rest of their lives?  The “perfect woman” automatically assumes the worst, goes apeshit mentally, and pretends everything is okay.  The guy can’t even phone home when he’s going to be late, and “accidentally” gets into these compromising situations, which the girl has to just accept.

Dude.  Just because she’s cute, has great tits, and thinks she’s in love with you and will do whatever you say for the rest of your life, doesn’t mean she’s the one for you! Get a life!  She will wake up and realize you’re a shallow asshole at some point, or worse, she won’t!

Grumble grumble grumble…